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Tin solder technical instructions


The materials needed to make a beautiful solder

1. The materials needed to make a beautiful solder:
- Clean soldering iron, use a absorbent cloth to clean the groin during welding, otherwise sponge can be used.

- Selecting quality soldering tin

- Use soldering iron 40 - 60W.

- Liquid rosin (for glued components, if you are not covered with tin and green, you do not need).

- Putin.

- Cotton swab.

2. The steps to create a beautiful weld.
- Clean the components with a soft cloth soaked in putin (skip this step if not covered with green and tin).

- Adjust the soldering iron at a temperature of about 320 to 350 degrees Celsius, depending on the type of tin (for 40 or 60 W soldering, no adjustment is required).

- Apply a thin layer of rosin to the areas that need welding.

- Wipe the soldering iron, place the welding torch at a 45-degree angle to the component foot (0.5mm from the component foot) within no more than 1s to heat the component foot. Push the tin tip slowly into the space between the torch head and the component foot, simultaneously incorporating the torch tip close to the component foot. Perform a combination of the above 2 operations until sufficient tin content. Then remove the tin, the tip of the soldering iron stays in the rotating position to 10 degrees. The action of lifting the torch is quick and definite. The result is a seamless and glossy weld.

- After soldering the board, use a paint brush or soft cloth to absorb a small amount of putin to clean the board.

The result is a clean and glossy clean weld.


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