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ALPHA HiTech Adhesive

ALPHA HiTech Adhesives & Encapsulants offer a full line of high performance adhesive, underfill, edgebond, and encapsulant materials. Designed for a wide range of applications including Automotive, Camera Modules, Mobile, Computing, White Goods Assemblies and LED assemblies.

Total 12 products.



ALPHA HiTech EN21-4210F is a one-component epoxy system designed to encapsulate the chip component thus protecting the device and strengthening the solder joints.

ALPHA HiTech SM42-1311


ALPHA HiTech SM42-1311 is ideal for high-speed dispensing process given its non-sagging property. It has been tested to provide excellent adhesion after curing.

ALPHA HiTech SM42-120P


Although ALPHA HiTech SM42-120P is applicable to both screen printing and dispensing application, it is the primary product recommended to customers requiring a screen printable adhesive.

ALPHA HiTech AD43-9600W


ALPHA HiTech AD43-9600W is designed for bonding temperature sensitive devices to a variety of plastic and metal surfaces, where the materials cannot withstand high curing temperatures.

ALPHA HiTech AD13-9692B


ALPHA HiTech AD13-9692B Low Temperature Adhesive is designed for bonding temperature sensitive devices to a variety of plastic and metal surfaces. This adhesive has excellent adhesion and drop shock on heat sensitive substrates.

ALPHA HiTech UP44-5566T


ALPHA HiTech UP44-5566T is formulated to be cured at ambient temperature under ultraviolet light. These products can be used in various applications such as coating and fixing of components which require high tensile strength and moisture resistance. This adhesive is suitable for fast curing and bonding in various applications such as coating and fixing of components.



ALPHA HiTech CU11-3127, a product with high filler content, is available to provide better mechanical strength for CSP and Flip Chip packages. ALPHA HiTech CU11-3127 provides full bottom component coverage at room temperature. A higher preheat temperature up < 80 °C may be applied to the substrate for a faster underfill flow rate.



ALPHA HiTech CU13-3150 does not contain any fillers. Its low viscosity property is excellent for BGA application, thus no preheat is required during the dispensing process. ALPHA HiTech CU13-3150 is a reworkable product option.



ALPHA HiTech SMD Adhesives are one component, intermediate temperature, fast heat curable surface mount products. They are designed to hold chip components in place during the wave soldering process. Each product is formulated to optimally be used for either dispensing or printing applications.



ALPHA HiTech CU31-2030 is a one-component capillary underfill designed for the protection of assembled chip packages onto printed circuit boards. It is a low viscosity underfill which enables fast and efficient flow properties. In addition, it has a high Tg and low modulus which results in excellent reliability performance. ALPHA HiTech CU31-2030 is suitable for assembling BGA, CSP and Flip Chip devices.