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Solid wire


For soldering applications that require maximum reliability of solder joints, especially for surface mounted components, through hole and final assembly, only solder of the highest purity is acceptable. Kester does not make any vague claims of understanding solder purity. Only the highest quality metals are used to make Kester Solder Wire. Complete analysis of Kester Solder Wire prove that every batch conforms to the strictest quality controls in the solder industry.

278 Flux-Cored Wire


Kester 278 Flux-Cored Wire with Innolot Alloy is a halogen-free wire optimized for high performance applications, such as under-the-hood automotive. 278, with its fast wetting and low spattering, performs admirably when benchmarked against conventional halogen/halide-based systems, enabling its use in drag soldering and minimizing cycle time in robotic and manual soldering. The use of 278 results in a clear post-soldering residue without the need for cleaning. 278 is classified as Type ROL0 flux under J-STD-004B specifications. 278 is halogen-free and halide-free, conforming to the strictest requirements of IEC 61249-2-21, JPCA-ES-01 and IPC-410B specifications.