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Solder Bar HSE-02 B20

SKU: HSE-02 B20

Pb free solder bar. Composition: Sn 96.5/3.0Ag /0.5Cu - Melting temperature: 217*C ~ 220*C

Solder Bar HSE-04 B20

SKU: HSE-04 B20

it is a product of uniform quality with excellent fluidity, tensile strength, surface gloss, melting temperature, and material quality.

Solder Bar HSE-09 B20

SKU: HSE-09 B20

Pb free solder bar

Solder Bar HSE-16 B20

SKU: HSE-16 B20

Pb free solder bar: 99.3% Sn/ 0.7% Cu, packing: 500gram / 1 lead-free bar 1 box: 40 bars / 20 kg

Solder Bar S63S-B20

SKU: S63S-B20

Pb free solder bar