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278 Flux-Cored Wire

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Kester 278 Flux-Cored Wire with Innolot Alloy is a halogen-free wire optimized for high performance applications, such as under-the-hood automotive. 278, with its fast wetting and low spattering, performs admirably when benchmarked against conventional halogen/halide-based systems, enabling its use in drag soldering and minimizing cycle time in robotic and manual soldering. The use of 278 results in a clear post-soldering residue without the need for cleaning. 278 is classified as Type ROL0 flux under J-STD-004B specifications. 278 is halogen-free and halide-free, conforming to the strictest requirements of IEC 61249-2-21, JPCA-ES-01 and IPC-410B specifications.

Product Details

Alloy Flux Diameter (in) Diameter (mm) Core Flux % Lead Content Halogen Content Description Part # Type
Innolot 278 0.02 0.5mm 58 0.022 Lead-Free Zero-Halogen Innolot 2.2%/278 .020 100 G Robo SPL 9074823320 No-Clean
Innolot 278 0.031 0.8mm 58 0.022 Lead-Free Zero-Halogen Innolot 2.2%/278 .031 250 G Robo SPL 9174823331 No-Clean
Innolot 278 0.04 1.0mm 58 0.022 Lead-Free Zero-Halogen Innolot 2.2%/278 .040 250 G Robo SPL 9174823340 No-Clean

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