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IONOX BC is a semi-aqueous electronics cleaner made from a blend of organic solvents used in both manual stencil cleaning and under stencil wipe applications. IONOX BC is also commonly used for benchtop spot cleaning of reworked PCBs. As a legacy cleaning solution, IONOX BC is effective for removing virtually all types of solder pastes and fluxes including rosin, low residue/no-clean and organic acid, as well as flux core solder wire.

Product Details

IONOX BC is a non-flammable, low odor concentrated cleaner that is a manufacturer approved solvent for use in automated stencil printer applications. IONOX BC can also be used in immersion systems as well as applied by hand-wipe or coarse spray methods. Rinsing is optional with this product, however, if rinsing is desired or required, DI water, IPA or self-rinse with fresh IONOX BC can be used. IONOX BC is multi-metal safe and has proven compatible with all materials commonly used in electronic assembly manufacturing and cleaning processes.

NOTE: The above process parameters are recommendations based on extensive testing done in KYZEN’s application lab. Your KYZEN sales representative can assist you in optimizing your process parameters.

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