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Alpha CVP-520

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ALPHA CVP-520 is designed to enable low temperature surface mount assembly technology. The lead free alloy in ALPHA CVP-520 has a melting point below 140°C, and has been successfully used with peak reflow profiles between 155°C and 190°C. The flux residue from ALPHA CVP-520 is clear, colorless, and provides excellent electrical resistivity, exceeding industry standards.
The use of ALPHA Exactalloy® performs may enable the elimination of selective wave soldering by providing additional solder volume when needed.
All components used with ALPHA CVP-520 must be lead-free to eliminate the formation of tin/lead/bismuth intermetallic which has a melting point under 100ºC.

Product Details

Features & Benefits:

 Enables elimination of a second or third reflow cycle when temperature sensitive components or connectors are used.
 Reduces energy consumption in reflow ovens versus standard lead free alloys.
 Reduces reflow process cycle time.
 Delivers 8 Hour stencil life.
 Potential eliminations of bar solder, wave soldering flux and energy costs associated with wave soldering.
 Compatible with all commonly used lead free surface finishes (Entek HT; Alpha Star Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, Ni/Au, SACX HASL, etc.)
 Excellent resistance to random solder balling minimizing rework and increasing first time yield.
 Low temperature reflow profiles may enable the use of less expensive printed circuit board substrates, when appropriate.
 Meets highest IPC 7095 voiding performance (Class III).
 Provides excellent electrical reliability properties.
 Zero halogen (no halogen intentionally added) and halide-free material.
 Compatible with either nitrogen or air reflow.


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