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Alpha OM550

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ALPHA’s OM-550 is a new low temperature chemistry paired with ALPHA’s HRL1 alloy. This alloy
was designed to exhibit improved drop shock and thermal cycling performance versus existing low
temperature alloys. Together, the flux and alloy blend to make a product that has the characteristics
of a modern solder paste designed for motherboards but with the ability to reflow at lower
temperatures therefore minimizing NWO and HIP defects in complex assemblies.
All components used with ALPHA OM-550 must be lead-free to eliminate the formation of tin/lead/bismuth
intermetallic which has a melting point under 100ºC.

Product Details

Features & Benefits

• Low reflow peak temperature ~175°C (~185°C – 195°C for mixed alloy process)
• Reduction of warpage up to 99% (component and board/substrate) vs SAC process
• Excellent NWO Performance
• Excellent HIP Performance
• Improves BGA mechanical reliability compared to other low-temp alloys
• Fine Feature Printing/Reflow Capable
• Long Stencil Life - 12 Hours with continuous printing
• Less residue spread
• Good voiding performance on various packages (BGA, MLF, DPAK, LGA),
• Reflowable in air or nitrogen
• Provides efficiencies in both energy and cost


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